Our rooms and corridors are decorated with original artwork by some of the leading artists in the Faroe Islands. Want to get to know some of these artists better? Scroll down to take the art tour.

Edward Fuglø (1965)

Edward Fuglø er ein fjølbroyttur listamaður. Umframt at mála og tekna hevur hann myndaprýtt bøkur og frímerki, sett upp pallmyndir og gjørt leikbúnar.

Listaverkini hjá Edwardi prýða ymsa staðni í hotellinum. Eitt nú eru 54 kømur í niðaru hæddini prýdd við seyðum í ymsum skapilsum og serstøkum bindimynstrum. Harumframt hevur hann málað øll kømurini í Rúnarlon við rúnum saman við føroyskum plantum, firvaldum, fuglaeggum og steinum. Í trappugongini niðan í matstovuna hongur stóra innsetingarlistin 'Nation Building'.

Ragnhild Hjalmarsdóttir Højgaard

Faroese artist Ragnhild Hjalmarsdóttir Højgaard is currently decorating our brand new executive suites with her fascinating artwork made from sheep's wool. 

Ragnhild works in the intersection between art and design. Her work evolves around concept development and surface design in a broad sense. Both on a larger architectual scale, within interior design and creating artwork. 

She uses Faroese sheep's wool as the main and only material in her artwork at Hotel Føroyar. Raw wool, which she herself handles from when the wool has been cut of the sheep until it is ready to be transformed into this fine piece of art. 

Tróndur Patursson (1944)

Tróndur Patursson is both a sculptor and a painter. He also does a lot of glass art whether it is pictures or a part of an installation or a decoration. In his early years he made sculptures out of driftwood whose material expresses the power of nature. A very strong natural inspiration is the driving force behind his works, as is his close relation to the ocean and the endless cosmic room over and under the ocean level. 

When the new Hotel Føroyar opened in 1983, Tróndur was assigned to make an artwork for the lobby area. Inspired by the norse mythology, he chose to make a grand installation in oxidized copper. The installation is centered around the tree of life, Yggdrasil. 

Hansina Iversen (1966)

Hansina Iversen paints in an abstract form of language using monocoloured and transparent surfaces that mutually influence each other. Often we see soft, organic shapes in red and offwhite. The forms may sometimes seem to overlap and thus create layers and depth. Still the pictures do not represent something particular – they reject any kind of outer meaning and create their own aestethic universe. 

Hansina has decorated 50 rooms on the upper floor in the main building with unique 60x70 cm paintings. The paintings are created in Hansina's characteristic style: large surfaces of one colour whose only purpose is to present beauty. 


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