The well-known Danish firm of architects Friis & Moltke A/S have designed Hotel Føroyar, which opened in May 1983. The architects aimed at designing a building specially adapted to the ground and landscape. Its long lines in the landscape characterize Hotel Føroyar from the outside. The building is a part of the surrounding nature, as if it were carved in the rocks, only the rocks now appear to be glass shimmering in the light. Inside the main building of Hotel Føroyar is an eternally changing play of light and shade, between long dark passages and light and friendly rooms. Most of the rooms share the impressive panoramic view over Tórshavn.


In 2018 the process of expanding Hotel Føroyar from 160 to 200 rooms began, including brand new executive suites and family-friendly studio rooms. The rooms were ready to use in the summer of 2020. As part of the expansion we also opened our wellness area, Ress, in the summer of 2021. 

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